The name of the exhibition “Power of light” refers to spirituality, Christianity and stained church window glasses. The artworks talk about the birth, the life and the death of Jesus. Themes have been carefully selected from the New Testament and from Gnostic gospels. The imagery of the stained glass paintings reflects present day and speaks strongly in today’s life – and people. The exhibition is implemented to imitate a sacral space and the purpose of that is to allow the viewer to quiet down and contemplate life’s biggest questions.

Mounting the exhibition in different kind of spaces is enabled by attaching exhibition stands to the frames.

“If people do not come to the prayer image, then the prayer image is brought to the people.”

My art glass paintings represent level- and cold glass techniques. The recognizable style consists of the best features of Tiffany-glass technique and glass painting. The inspiration is drawn from for example the glass paintings of Akseli Gallen-Kallela, the altar paintings of Mathias Grunewald. I have been influenced by both Catholic and Orthodox symbolism, but also by the Evangelical Lutheran simplification, forming an ecumenical imagery. In Finland there is no long tradition of glass painting, but I continue the thousand year old tradition of the European masters. 

With warm regards

The only savants are the ones who are self-taught, others are educated.

- Erno Paasilinna